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Memegur is official registered with Imgur as an official app. Only custom created material is hosted on memegur.com, all other material created from templates is directly uploaded to Imgur.com. All uploads are done anonymously and publically. If you chose to use our website your meme will be made publically accesible through the image URL. With whom you choose to share the URL is your discretion.

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If you see anything on our site that shouldn't be there because it violates our policies or for any other reason, please let us know by messaging reddit user memegur.

Privacy Policy

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Memegur does not disclose to any third party Private Data you have given us, but we may chose to do so to the extent necessary for credit card processing; in such cases your Private Data is used by credit card processors only for that purpose (including guarding against credit card fraud). The only exception, obviously, is if we are forced to disclose the information as a result of a subpoena or other legal process. As memegur is completely adhoc and does not require any account information, we have no personal data of yours apart from what your web browser servers ours serves via different connections. If you are asked to "sign up" on memegur.com, you are on a a phishing website. Memegur does not believe in providing services against a "sign up process". Memegur is completely sign up/ad free.